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The Prosperity Report - Feng Shui & Vaastu Secrets For A Prosperous Life
December 20th, 2007
Vol. I, Issue 4

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 Feature Article:  Feng Shui and Vaastu: Itís Serious Business!

 Rupalís Update:  Back from my "Hollywood" assignment

 Ask Rupal:  Iíve set up a home office in the back of my home.
   Will this room bring me money luck?

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Iím back from my "Hollywood" assignment! Most business executives in the United States think of Feng Shui as little more than ďglorifiedĒ interior decorating. In Asian cultures, however, businesses regard Feng Shui and Vaastu consultants as important advisors, on par with attorneys and accountants. My recent trip to Los Angeles gave me the opportunity to offer this executive-level consulting. Sitting in a board room surrounded by high-powered, high-profile people, I applied authentic Feng Shui and Vaastu principles strategically Ė analyzing where and when risk might arise in the business, and forecasting the optimum timing and directional approaches to optimize my clientís personal and business success.

Feng Shui and Vaastu: Itís Serious Business!

These ancient sciences support businesses by balancing the energies flowing through the office. The result is that everything runs more smoothly ó with lower turnover, higher morale and fewer lawsuits and workplace accidents. At the same time, a business built on solid energy principles can effortlessly attract new clients, win negotiations, and enjoy more robust and dependable cash flow.

You can also read my personal comments, stories, tips and observations about Feng Shui and Vaastu at my blog. Click here.

Wishing you Prosperity
& Good Fortune,

Rupal Turner
Feng Shui & Vaastu Expert

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Feng Shui & Vaastu: It's Serious Business!
by Rupal Turner

The way your office is set up, where you place your desk, the colors you use, and even the lighting all have an effect on how you do business. Authentic Feng Shui can help you clear away negative energies ó and energy blockages ó that can sabotage efficiency, productivity and profitability. Advanced Classical Feng Shui formulas can even forecast where and when risks and opportunities might arise and what you can do to assure the greatest possible benefit. While these calculations and even basic furniture placement are tied to the unique energy makeup of you and your office, these three general principles can help you create a supportive work environment.

1. Clear away objects that sabotage energy flow. Clutter isnít just messy; itís a magnet for attracting negative energy. If your desk and floor are scattered with unfinished projects, papers, files and mail, energy canít flow freely. Trapped energy either goes stagnant or builds up into a force that can make you feel jittery, overwhelmed, irritable, fatigued or depressed. In such an environment, youíll find itís hard to concentrate and complete tasks. Problems build up, creativity suffers and conflicts arise. Every item should have a designated home where you can find and easily access it. Take time to organize your files and use them so you donít have to keep pieces of paper "in sight" just so youíll know where they are. Clear the jumble from your desktop so that your eye ó and the energy in your space ó have calm places to rest. And donít forget the jumble on your computer: regularly clear away unnecessary email and files.

2. Reposition your desk. A sizable and neatly arranged desk attracts power and confidence. As a general rule, the best position for a desk is in the far right corner diagonally opposite from the door with your back to the wall or catty corner to the wall. In addition, try to avoid these three situations:

Donít put your desk in a direct line with the door. The energy coming from another office or hallway can cause discomfort. You may find yourself unable to concentrate and want to leave your desk.

Donít sit with your back to the door. You should have a clear view of the room and office door. This gives you energetic control over the space which, in turn, attracts energies that support you in feeling capable, relaxed, and confident.

Donít sit at a desk that places you directly under an exposed overhead beam. That beam can concentrate energies in the area right over your head. If you spend eight or ten hours at your desk, you could find you suffer from headaches and you could literally feel you are "under too much pressure."

3. Balance your office lighting. Lighting doesnít just affect your eyes or even your mood. It also affects the energy in your office. Light Ė even sunlight Ė that is too bright creates an excessively "yang" energy that can cause agitation, conflict, and difficulty concentrating. By the same token, light thatís too dim creates an excessively ďyinĒ energy that can produce fatigue and make it difficult to project a confident, capable presence. Feng Shui principles help balance your officeís lighting so that itís bright enough to energize the space without disrupting harmony and concentration. Consider using natural spectrum light bulbs ó they provide a more balanced light than traditional bulbs. Outfit windows with blinds that can filter and direct sunlight to prevent harsh shadows and glare. Consider desk lamps ó they give you more flexibility in adjusting your overall lighting and then help balance the glare your computer screen can produce.

Looking for more tips on using Feng Shui and Vaastu to create a more productive and profitable office, check out past issues of ďThe Prosperity Report,Ē click here.

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Rupal Turner is among the few consultants worldwide fully certified in Classical Feng Shui and Vaastu. Born in India, she has studied with world-renowned Chinese and Indian masters of these ancient sciences and uses her expertise to augment positive energies and defuse negative energies flowing through homes, office buildings, retail outlets, sporting facilities and building sites.

By bringing environments into balance with an individualís unique energetic make-up, Rupal helps attract abundance, harmony and health for clients who include two U.S. Presidential families, high-ranking Pentagon officials, CEOs, celebrities, doctors, attorneys and politicians.

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Q.  I read that the back of a house represents career and that water attracts money luck. I have my own business and have set up my home office in the back room of my house. I have placed an aquarium directly facing the front door of my office. Will this help my business? Jesse K.

A.  It might Ö but those same changes might also have just the opposite effect and create business hurdles. Hereís why: you and your house have individual energy patterns. So, while the back room might be your so-called career sector, it might not be. I had one client who thought that same back area was her career sector ó but it wasnít. In this particular house, the energy patterns were such that the back room was actually her "direction of complete loss." Needless to say, her career did anything but prosper. Also, you must always be careful with moving water. Even if your office is in your career position, the actual timing and placement of the water could activate energies that block your money luck. Without analyzing the Feng Shui of your particular home, I canít tell what energies your office and aquarium are activating. I can offer you this general advice: pay close attention to what happens next. If your luck seems good, thatís great! But if you start to notice cancellations, opportunities that fall through, minor mishaps, or a slowing of cash flow, remove the aquarium right away.

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