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Oriented Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Professionals …


Ready to grow richer, healthier and luckier all year?


Give me just 1 hour a month and I’ll teach you
ancient wisdom guaranteed to give you
new power to shape your life.

 "Until now, I’ve only revealed ancient ‘life control’ secrets to
preferred private clients.  But I’m being spiritually guided to
share this power with a wider (though still very select)
audience. In response, I’m inviting you to join my affordable
new Teleseminar Program
— monthly guidance on how to use
ancient Eastern wisdom to energize your life with health,
harmony, love and money no matter how ‘the stars’ change
throughout the year


But please reply quickly:  This program is By-Invitation Only
and I’m capping how many clients I take.  Plus, read on to see
what extra advantages you’ll get by signing up now …”


Rupal TurnerDear Friend,

The economic climate isn’t the only thing that makes the coming months tricky.  Planetary influences and other unseen energies will have a profound impact on whether money, health and love flow freely in – or out -- of your life throughout the year.  Some people are content to take their chances.  But wouldn’t you rather take control?

If you answered “yes,” you’re ready to make a breakthrough.  The ancients say that when the student is ready, a teacher will appear.  Now is your moment, because for the first time you are open to learning how much power you truly have to use spirituality, energetic forces, and millennia-old Eastern wisdom to promote health, harmony and prosperity in your life! 

And I’m called to be your teacher.  A real teacher — different than these New-Age, self-proclaimed gurus who “dabble” in ancient energetic sciences like astrology, numerology, meditation, Vaastu and Feng Shui.  Because I’ve trained with world-renowned masters, I know the true power of these sciences … and the true danger of “dabbling” – like inadvertently harnessing energies that attract legal issues, illness, discord and financial misfortune the same way a magnet snaps up scattered pins.

Unlock a life bursting with prosperity, love and purpose.  I know that ancient sciences are built on the eternal spiritual truths that underlie all religions and must be treated with respect.  I also know that we are connected to everything in this world – not just our immediate environment, but to the unseen energies of stars, planets and spiritual forces. When you unify practices like Spirituality and Meditation with the wisdom of energy sciences like Astrology, Feng Shui, Vaastu, and Numerology you align your life with eternal spiritual truths and profound power to change your life.

Stop living on autopilot! If we’re not careful, we can wind up living on autopilot – not feeling we have any real control over the course of our lives or the confusion, chaos and frustration we experience.  But what if I told you that you do have control … tremendous control! … and that you can exercise it immediately with actions as simple as choosing the right date to open a bank account, deflecting negative energies in your home, or even wearing the right color clothes to send energetic vibrations that help others feel a positive connection with you before you even say a word.

The secret, however, is that the secrets change. There is no one “wealth corner” in your home.  There is no one “health color.”  A Feng Shui “cure” that stilled negative energy in March could stifle cash flow in April – unless it’s moved.  Why?  Because energy moves and our relationship to the stars, planets, positive forces, and negative forces is always changing, too.

The secret is to change with these energies. 
And now, I’ll show you how -- with my monthly teleseminar series. 
Sign up now!

Learn secrets once revealed only to emperors. No, really!  Until very, very recently the secrets of astrology, numerology, Feng Shui, Vaastu and other energy-aligning sciences were the vigilantly guarded property of royalty.  Now, of course, these secrets can be revealed.  But as I said, those secrets continue to change month to month. It can  cost a considerable amount of money to engage an authentic expert to explain how those shifts affect your fortunes. 

But if you could have that information … what a change it would make in your life!

That’s why I've been trying to come up with a way to give it to you. Well, all my brainstorming has paid off — and I want you to be among the first to get in on the launch of my BRAND NEW  ...

“Infinite Abundance” Inner Circle!

Month after month, trade lack of control for MORE power to prosper … and  LESS risk of setbacks in your career, finances, health, and relationships.

With my new Monthly Teleseminar program, I will show you how to turn ancient secrets into practical, real-world tools and techniques for thriving despite modern chaos.   

Imagine!  Once every month, you’ll spend 60-minutes in a teleseminar and come away with secrets that can literally change your career, health, relationships and future. (Plus, if you can’t make the live program, I’ll tell you how to listen later ….)

Sign up now to benefit from all kinds of ancient wisdom, including:

Vaastu –  older than Feng Shui and dating back over 10,000 years, Vaastu uses the scientific principles recorded in the Vedas to protect you against strife by aligning physical, energetic, karmic and spiritual forces in your life.

Feng Shui – where you live and work directly influences the opportunities and luck that comes your way.  Through mathematical and compass calculations, Feng Shui can help you make subtle yet powerful changes to your environment to improve your health, finances, love life and so much more. 

Numerology – how numbers like your birth date, address, bank account, and wedding day shape your personality, your fortunes and your interaction with other people.

Bhrigu Yantra –the oldest astrology and divination system on the planet, this enables you to consult directly with the spiritual world for guidance on specific issues in your life.

Omens and Intuition – regarded as a science in India, knowing how to read omens and listen to intuition can help alert you to dangers and guide you around obstacles.

Date Selection – before you plan an event, see a doctor, make a purchase, send a proposal or invest money, it’s crucial to know how the energies of that day can affect or block your success.

Gemology – gemstones are energetically tied to the planets. Learn how wearing particular stones can strengthen you against negative energies.

Face Reading – imagine being able to read a person’s face and know immediately the general direction of their destiny as well as their strengths, motivators, personality and more.

Astrocartography – using your birth date, this science reveals the best places on Earth for you to pursue your dreams, find spiritual growth, health, love and romance, prosperity or adventure. 

Space Clearing –vibrational energy is attached to everything –your walls, the clothes in your closet, a piece of furniture, a painting or vase. Learn to clear away any negative energy clinging to the objects around you so you can change direction and move forward.

Vibrational Healing – each Chakra in your body is tuned to a particular vibration. Learn how to use vibrations to stimulate, soothe, and unblock energy so you can heal physical and emotional disease and distress.

Handwriting Analysis – learn what the size, slant and form of handwriting reveals about you (and others), and how changing your handwriting can literally change your life.

The Power of Color – each color has its own vibration. Learn how certain colors can help … and how some can actually attract misfortunes like cancer or financial setbacks.

Mantra Meditation – more than just a calming, reflective time out on busy days, mantra meditation uses the vibrational qualities in ancient chants to ramp up your chakras’ vibrations — and your natural ability to attract health, abundance, and love.


Month by month, our “Infinite Abundance Inner Circle” will learn how to harness the power of all types of ancient wisdom! Don’t miss even one session –sign up now!

Now if you didn’t just click to sign up, what’s holding you back?  Are you wondering who I am to make such promises?

Let me tell you a little more about myself.

So first, let me give you a little bit of my background.   I’ve spent years studying one-on-one with some of the world’s most renowned authorities on spirituality.  In fact, one of the Masters with whom I study comes from an unbroken line of great spiritual teachers (acharyas) that reaches back more than 5,000 years.  Because of my status as an initiated disciple with this acharya, my study of the ancient Vedic sciences, and my training with masters worldwide — including years of living with monks and nuns where I embraced the lifestyle of simple living and high thinking — I myself am recognized as an expert on spirituality and abundant living.  My true qualification is that I preserve the potent teachings unchanged, just as they were given ages ago. I am simply a conduit seeking to serve and empower others.

My soul’s passionate calling is to share with you authentic teachings from the world’s most ancient spiritual texts and inspire and guide you on a path to healing, wholeness and joy.

I’m also an expert in Classical Feng Shui and Vaastu.  I’m one of only 22 elite hand picked students from around the world of a reincarnated Llama.  My Feng Shui knowledge goes back directly thousands of years. 

I have an uncanny ability to find solutions to my client’s most demanding problems.  I have helped hundreds of clients build and design houses, find husbands, get promoted, improve finances, unfreeze large sums of money, get out of legal hassles, improve their health, sell houses and become more peaceful. My clients even include members of two U.S. Presidential families, a Pentagon General, Hollywood Celebrities, NFL Football Players, Washington Socialites, Investment Bankers, Economists, High Profile Attorneys, CEOs, Doctors, Entrepreneurs, local businesses and many more.

Now, let me use my own wisdom to guide you.

Here’s what you’ll receive when you Join my “Infinite Abundance Inner Circle”:


Monthly LIVE MEETINGS Via Phone With Me or Other Leading Experts

On the third Wednesday of every month, we’ll meet via telephone for 60 minutes at 8pm EST.  You’ll benefit as I or other experts translate ancient wisdom into practical tools for modern living.

Plus, at the end of each monthly call, I'll open up the phone lines and you'll have a chance to ask questions. 

Sound good?  I thought so!  But wait, there’s even more:


Online Digital Recordings of Each and Every Call

I know you're busy and may not have time to make all of our LIVE “Infinite Abundance Inner Circle” teleseminar calls. But you don't have to worry about schedule conflicts, because I record each and every call, and the audio is quickly posted online -- usually within 24 to 48 hours.

You can either listen to it right from the Web page just by clicking the link, or you can download the MP3 file to listen to on your iPod or other MP3 player.


A Classical Feng Shui “Monthly Advantage” Report Emailed to You

A few days before each new lunar month begins, you will receive via email a Feng Shui report that details exactly what monthly energetic influences will be affecting your home in the upcoming month.   Just as the seasons change, so do the energies in your home and ALL homes and offices go through lucky and unlucky cycles within the year.

Being on top of these energies can make the difference in having a prosperous month vs. a challenging and difficult month, in essence it gives you an energetic “monthly advantage.”    You will be able to manipulate the monthly energies in your home or office to support you and protect you from energies trying to stir illness, misfortune and worries.  This report will give you a general guideline of: 

  • An overview of the influences at work for the month
  • Overall adjustments to make to keep your home and office harmonious and supportive
  • Remedies for neutralizing negative planetary influences
  • Timing on when to apply – and remove – remedies
  • Special enhancements for maximizing positive opportunities as they emerge

As a Classical Feng Shui and Vaastu Consultant, I charge from $350 to $500 an hour for my services.  In fact, many of my clients pay thousands of dollars every month for my Monthly Update reports in order to keep abreast of the underlying energies that could impact their bottom line, health, business and personal lives.  As a member of my Infinite Abundance Inner Circle, this valuable report is included in your membership price. 

Plus check out these FREE BONUSES,
just for Members in my Infinite Abundance Inner Circle


Private Call-In Days... one-on-one consultations JUST for My “Inner Circle” Members.

My usual one-on-one consulting rate is anywhere from $350 to $500 an hour.  However, as an exclusive member of the Infinite Abundance Inner Circle, you can call in and speak with me LIVE for a *FREE* mini-consultation.   If you can provide me with your birthdate and the direction your home faces, I can usually answer any question you may have.  In our mini-consultation, I can help you:

  • Minimize specific negative energies from becoming a problem
  • Enhance your environment’s unique money-making energies
  • Mitigate your personal  illness energies
  • Activate romance energies just for you
  • And address many other dangers and opportunities too numerous to list!

You’ll receive notices of when and where to call in, and you will have my full attention!

But wait …. there’s even more …

Many of you have told me you are eager to learn more about Feng Shui and Vaastu.  That’s wonderful!  I encourage you to explore these powerful secrets as you begin to understand more and more about how unseen energies combine and how to calculate the probable outcome and its impact on our lives. That’s why I’m including this extra bonus with membership in my Infinite Abundance Inner Circle program.


*BONUS* Special Discounts and Offers on All My Products, Programs and Workshops

I will have some fascinating programs, workshops and products to share with you soon. As a member of my “Infinite Abundance Inner Circle”, you will receive discounts and special offers on all these opportunities.

All this for only $127 a month


This uniquely integrated program helps you tap all these secrets to unending abundance   

Please don’t wait!  With my affordable new program, your life stops being such a “roll of the dice.”  You get more control … more support … and more days when everything just goes right. 

Ready to enroll for as little as $127?
Click Here


Or, read on for real-world proof of how you can benefit as a member of my Inner Circle

My Feng Shui and Vaastu guidance has already helped hundreds of people improve their lives.  Here are just a few of the clients who invest in my regular $500-hour rate for monthly updates (but remember, as an inner circle member, you’ll pay about ONE-TENTH of that rate)

You’ll be getting the same caliber of advice I always provide.  And see what my clients say about the value of that advice …


“One of Rupal’s monthly updates was
worth $60,000 …”

“I own a software and Internet development company and I have Rupal Mehta Turner do my Feng Shui on a monthly basis.  I’m a business person so I need to see solid return on money I spend.  In any month, I directly attribute $12,000 to $24,000 in revenues to the adjustments Rupal helps me make in my environment.  I follow her advice and I have the best chance to minimize problems and maximize money and growth.  Last month, in fact, I got $60,000 in new work from a client.  The work seemed to come ‘out of the blue,’ but I knew it came from energizing the month’s money energy.”

Michael Smith
Rockville, Maryland


“Rupal took the guesswork out of hiring great people”

“I have gotten several numerology reports done from Rupal and have come to use it as part of our hiring process.  The reports have not only been very accurate, but they have also enabled me to understand the personalities of my employees-both current and potential.  This helps me have the most effective communication with them and also tailor our incentive programs to what suits their work style best.  Having this vital information is key to hiring and retaining the right employees for my organization and also directly impacts our bottom line.  I am so happy to have met Rupal and look forward to continuing our work together.”

Alka Dhillon
Fairfax, VA


“$22,000 in just two weeks…”

“Wow!  Just implementing the recommendations you suggested has brought in $22,675 in less than two weeks.  I even went out of town for a weekend and came back and reconfigured some changes.  Clients who owed me money for months suddenly sent checks!  Potential clients that I couldn't get to make a decision, suddenly hired me and it just keeps coming!  Your wisdom and your ability to see things is amazing!  Where were you when I first started my business?  Rest assured, you'll be with me every step of the way from now on!!!”

Annetta Wilson
Orlando, Florida


“Rupal’s recommendations attracted
a college scholarship …”

“We’d been out of touch with Rupal for a while. I called her for a Feng Shui update because our daughter was applying to colleges. Her grades were okay, but applications were so competitive. I was worried how she was going to get into a good college … and how we were going to cover things financially. Rupal recommended my wife and I make a change in our bedroom — the tiniest change! — for the coming month. We did.  Toward the end of that very month, I was amazed: out of the blue, our daughter was offered a huge scholarship at a great school.  Both problems — solved!”

Walter Kirkland
Bethesda, Maryland


“Rupal created money energy for my business …”

“I had seen great results from my initial Feng Shui consultation with Rupal.  But lately, my luck seemed to be turning, especially where my business was concerned.  I was especially frustrated at how hard it was becoming to find new clients.  I called Rupal and asked for her advice.  In one 15-minute call, she advised me on how to use a few really simple remedies to dampen some troublesome energies in my home … and she alerted me to several wonderful ‘secrets’ to amplify the month’s ‘money energy.’  It was amazing!  Clients started calling me out of nowhere — and with bigger projects!  I almost felt like I wanted to call Rupal back and tell her to turn off the faucet before I had TOO MUCH new business!”

Judy Quickston
Silver Spring, Maryland


“Rupal helped us ‘negotiate with destiny’
to stave off a lawsuit …”

“My husband and I are real estate developers and we consult with Rupal on a monthly basis.  In our business, it’s not unusual to run into legal issues and we’re usually prepared to handle them.  But recently, we found ourselves about to be sued and realized that due to a ‘perfect storm’ of circumstances, if the lawsuit were filed in that particular month, it would ruin us financially.  If we could somehow put off the suit just two months, we’d be able to handle — and survive — it. I called Rupal.  She looked at the energy and said the house absolutely showed major legal problems … and no way to avoid them.  But, amazingly, she showed us how to “negotiate with destiny” this month.  We basically traded the huge lawsuit for a different legal problem — a tiny legal matter that was easily cleared. It worked!  The lawsuit suddenly got delayed and papers were not delivered until months later.  By then, we were fully prepared to minimize the financial and business impact of the suit.”

M.P. Singh
Great Falls, Virginia


“OK Rupal,” you say, “I see how my own life could change.
 How do I enroll?"

Like I said at the outset, I worked really hard to find a way to make the monthly teleseminars and my monthly Feng Shui and Vaastu updates accessible for most of you. So, instead of requiring the entire year’s “tuition” upfront, I opted to make this program a MONTHLY subscription. That way your payments are lower, it's better for your cashflow, and you're not locked into any annual payment.  So take a look …

Membership in my “Infinite Abundance Inner Circle” is currently offered at the LOWEST price I'll ever make available -- just $127 per month.   

This membership gives you access to our live monthly calls, recordings and your monthly update report about what to expect in the coming month …

That’s right:  For about $3.10 a day —less than the cost of one cup of coffee —you will have new power to manipulate your home’s energies to support your prosperity and happiness and protect you against misfortune, illness, conflict and worries.  Plus you’ll learn how to use unseen energies to truly create the rich, vibrant life you deserve.

Now, remember, $127 is all it takes.

Ready to enroll in the Inner Circle for as little as $127? Click Here

Need to think about it?

Start here — with a look at What Else You
Could Spend $127 on this month:

  • Several Feng Shui and Vaastu Books:  You’ve still only got general tidbits here and there but you won’t have ANYTHING to help you make adjustments for the upcoming planetary influences which will affect your life in the coming months.

  • Several “New Age” Books: They’ll scratch the surface about the power of attraction and spirituality but leave you starved for real-world techniques to put those ancient secrets to work in real life.

  • Two or three new T-shirts or sweaters.  They wear out and the fun of buying them wears off. But if you invest the same amount in adjusting the energies in your home or life, you may make enough money to buy all the new clothes you desire.

  • A month of lattes at the coffee shop.  That’s one way to get energy!  But for the same price you can control energy — taking advantage of every opportunity to increase your prosperity, health, career, relationships, peace of mind ….


A good reality check isn’t it?  I know! 
So if you’re ready to change your life for as little as $127 ...
Click Here

Every day, you have one less day in this world.  Why waste a single day “just getting through” when you can be living abundantly? Here’s how to get started:


Check box"Yes, Rupal, I want to harness ancient secrets to make my life richer, healthier and more rewarding now.  Please enroll me in your Members-Only “Infinite Abundance” Program.”


I understand my credit card will be automatically charged $127 a month.
I also understand that this is a NO-RISK opportunity because I can cancel my membership at any time.  I also understand that if I choose to cancel my membership, I will lose access to member privileges at that time.  And if I choose to rejoin, I am not guaranteed a spot back in the group.

I’m assured this online transaction is 100% secure and after my information is received, I will get an electronic receipt and instructions within a few minutes.


Credit Cards


I hope to hear YOU on our NEXT call, so we can get you in control and moving forward to ever-greater success, satisfaction, and good fortune.  Please know this is a by-invitation only program and I will take only a limited number of members.  Once I reach the limit I’ve set, I will close membership.  Clients wishing to participate in the program after that point will be placed on a waiting list.

Why risk a waiting list?  Why spend month after month missing out on the chance to take control over opportunities — and dangers?  Please reply now so I can welcome you as a Charter Member of the “Infinite Abundance” club before the membership window closes.

Wishing You Prosperity
& Good Fortune,
Rupal Mehta Turner

Rupal Mehta Turner
Feng Shui & Vaastu Expert








Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, may not apply to the average member and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. In addition to Feng Shui and Vaastu (also known as “earth luck”), an individual’s success also depends on two additional energetic influences:  personal “heaven luck” (destiny or karma) and “man luck” (character, dedication, desire and motivation). As with any endeavor in life, there is no guarantee that you can achieve all your desires or prevent problems. 

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