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  • I understand I am paying a recurring monthly fee of ($127).
  • I understand there are NO REFUNDS.
  • I understand that I may cancel my membership at any time PRIOR to the next month’s billing charge and it is my responsibility to cancel in time.
  • I understand that all cancellations will be effective prior to the next billing cycle.
  • My decision to participate in this package is a personal decision.  No one has made any promises or warranties as to the results or benefits I will receive or as to any specific results I will realize from my participation in this program.
  • I understand and agree that my membership in the Infinite Abundance Inner Circle does not constitute professional training and does not entitle me to teach, lead, coach or otherwise use this material with others in any way.
  • I understand that all materials included in my membership are confidential and proprietary in nature and other than for my own personal use, I will have no future right to use these materials or processes in any way without express training, written permission and licensing by Rupal Mehta Turner and Classical Feng Shui.  I acknowledge and agree that all material used during these sessions is and shall remain the sole property of Rupal Mehta Turner and that my retention, publication, dissemination or use (other than my own personal use) of any such materials is strictly prohibited.
  • I assume all risks associated with participating in this program and release Rupal Mehta Turner and Classical Feng Shui, and her affiliates, employees, and agents from, and shall defend, and indemnify, and hold them harmless from and against, all liabilities, claims, actions, losses, causes of action, and costs in any way arising out of my participation in these sessions.   
  • I acknowledge and agree that this program, as well as my participation in this program, can be terminated at the discretion of Rupal Mehta Turner for any reason at any time.   In such event I will receive a pro rata refund of the package.   If I withdraw from this program for any reason whatsoever, no part of the agreed fee shall be refunded. 
  • I understand that in addition to Feng Shui and Vaastu (also known as “earth luck”), an individual’s success also depends on two additional energetic influences:  personal “heaven luck” (destiny or karma) and “man luck” (character, dedication, desire and motivation).  As with any endeavor in life, there is no guarantee that I can achieve all my desires or prevent my problems. 
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