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October 24, 2007
Vol. I, Issue 1

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 Feature Article:  How Much of Your Success is Determined by Your Environment

 Rupal’s Update:  Welcome to my Charter Edition

 Ask Rupal:  How do I know if my Feng Shui or Vaastu is good or bad?

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Welcome to my Charter Edition of The Prosperity Report. I am excited about publishing my new ezine and sharing secrets on how you can use the energies flowing through your environment to improve your finances, relationships and health. As I continue to expand my expertise – and my Feng Shui and Vaastu consulting practice -- this free ezine is just one of the new options I’ll be offering to help you benefit from my knowledge.

How Much of Your Success is Determined by Your Environment

In today’s article (see below), I reveal the three major forces that determine the outcome of your life. Don’t wait to read this article!

Wishing you Prosperity
& Good Fortune,

Rupal Turner
Feng Shui & Vaastu Expert

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How Much of Your Success is Determined by Your Environment
by Rupal Turner

In Asian countries, it is believed that there are three types of luck. Each of them affects one-third of your life; together they rule your fortunes. These three forms of luck are:
    1.  Heaven Luck
    2.  Man Luck
    3.  Earth Luck

Heaven Luck:
This is the luck we are born with. It can be described as fate (or karma) and it is set at birth. The family into which we are born, our place of birth, our innate character and our destiny are all given to us by Heaven’s will. We cannot select our parents or change our families. Our destiny marks out our potential -- and luck is the means to realizing our potential. Luck is an invisible force that can seem to make someone’s life difficult at every turn or amazingly easy. We’ve all known people who seem to have "the Midas touch" where everything they do turns into happy accidents that lead to success. This Heaven Luck -- good, bad, or so-so -- is often considered to be karma, reflecting actions we have performed in the past – either earlier in this lifetime or even before then. Because Heaven’s luck is connected to our destiny or fate, it is a part of our luck that may be beyond our control and that perhaps certain events or situations are meant to take place in our life.

Man Luck:
This is the luck we achieve through our hard work, education, perseverance, character, virtues and good deeds. We have tremendous influence over the quality of our Man Luck – and therefore our lives – through our thoughts, words and actions. By making good choices, continually gaining knowledge, and maintaining a positive mental attitude, we can fill our life with the "good" energy that attracts good luck and success. Our character and knowledge not only affect the near-term success of our endeavors, but also ultimately shape our destiny. In essence, we are always creating our future and fortunes with the choices we make today.

Earth Luck:
This is the luck we "absorb" through our environment. Unseen energies are believed to exist in our environment. Some of these energies are either beneficial, enhancing our prosperity and health, or negative, creating obstacles and bringing about misfortune. Thus, where we live and work has a direct influence on the opportunities and luck that come our way. Through Feng Shui and Vaastu, we can actually use the energies in our environment to help us succeed in our endeavors. By understanding how these energies interact with us, we can consciously and intelligently adjust our surroundings to bolster our good fortune and protect us from misfortune.

Take Greater Control of Your Destiny!
You have a great deal of control over both Man Luck and Earth Luck. Earth Luck is the easiest to change by manipulating environmental influences to attract good opportunities. Improving Man Luck requires personal discipline and can be harder to change. However, Feng Shui and Vaastu can help you change the intensity and the degree of ups and downs you experience in life, making it easier to maintain a positive mental attitude and make good choices. In fact, used correctly, Feng Shui and Vaastu can – by modifying your environment -- modify periods of bad luck so that misfortunes are minimized while good luck is magnified so it has the power to bring stunning success.

Imagine having so much power over two-thirds of your luck! Plus, improving your Man Luck and Earth Luck can actually improve your Heaven Luck: even if you were born into a situation that places you at a disadvantage, using Feng Shui and Vaastu to enjoy good Man Luck and Earth Luck can change the course of your destiny -- helping you attain a life of true abundance.

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Rupal Turner is among the few consultants worldwide fully certified in Classical Feng Shui and Vaastu. Born in India, she has studied with world-renowned Chinese and Indian masters of these ancient sciences and uses her expertise to augment positive energies and defuse negative energies flowing through homes, office buildings, retail outlets, sporting facilities and building sites.

By bringing environments into balance with an individual’s unique energetic make-up, Rupal helps attract abundance, harmony and health for clients who include two U.S. Presidential families, high-ranking Pentagon officials, CEOs, celebrities, doctors, attorneys and politicians.

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Q.  How do I know if my Feng Shui and Vaastu is good or bad?

Have you suddenly begun to experience a spate of bad luck? Have you recently moved into your current home and now you or a family member has become ill, suffered financial losses, or experienced career or relationship problems? In your business, do obstacles and setbacks seem to block you no matter how hard you try to fix things? Then it's likely the energy of your environment is affecting you negatively. That's bad Feng Shui. A skilled practitioner can help you achieve good Feng Shui and Vaastu by assessing the energy in your environment and making adjustments to bring the energy -- and your life -- back into peaceful, productive, and healthy harmony

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